June: Pearls


The pearl is the only gem that is formed by a living creature. In ancient Mythology it is thought to be connected to the moon because it features a soft glowing appearance. It is believed to form from the teardrops of the moon that fell into the sea. The pearl symbolizes purity, wisdom, charity and loyalty.

Akoya Pearl.jpg

Akoya Pearls

Grown off the coast of Japan, these are known as the classic pearl. Known for being perfectly round and white with a beautiful reflective surface.

Tahitian Pearl.jpg

Tahitian Pearls

Grown in French Polynesia, these are the only naturally dark pearls. Tahitian pearls come in a variety of exotic colors.

South Sea Pearl.jpg

South Sea Pearls

Grown primarily in Australia, Philippines and Indonesia, these pearls can be large in size and can be quite rare.

Take a look at the jewelry below to see just how beautiful pearls can be!

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