At Barrington Jewels, we offer a variety of services for your jewelry needs. We have a shop in house to guarantee the best quality of service. Whether you need a quick sizing, a new battery, or a custom piece, our team of experts has you covered. Just ask one of our certified specialists about financing, appraisals, and insurance evaluations. We are proud to be one of the go to Indianapolis Custom Jeweler’s for many people.


Let our expert jewelers repair your jewelry in our onsite shop. In return, you will be able to wear your piece for years to come. We offer a variety of services and we guarantee our quality.


Our expertise as a Custom Jeweler is like no other. Come in, sit down, and draw up an original design that is uniquely yours. Be involved through the entire process from start to finish and really see your design come to life. Barrington Jewels has created everything from bridal engagement rings to pendants.  Don’t settle for an ordinary design. Let us make an exquisite piece just for you.


Whether you need a battery or an overhaul on your watch, Barrington Jewels offers a variety of watch services to keep your watch running on time. Keep that watch piece timeless, so you can pass it on to other family members.


Don’t get stuck with high expenses in case of a loss. Let our certified gemologist write an appraisal for your jewelry pieces and insure your items.With the rising price of precious metals and gems, it’s important to keep all of your appraisals up to date, so you get the best replacement value for your jewelry piece. With any jewelry purchase at Barrington Jewels ,we will provide you with an appraisal.